Cougars Becoming Extinct

The Older woman who wish to date younger men, while not a new endeavor, is one that is often seen in the media and dating scenes.

Unfortunately, unlike their male counterparts (sugar daddies, or older men that prefer dating younger women) these older women are often frowned upon. Thus, sexual inequality continues on a daily basis.cougars becoming extinct

Older women can thank internet media and the popular movie American Pie for the onset of MILF and Cougar according to Wikipedia.

Writer for The Morning, a daytime television show one can see in Britain, Bibi Lynch, has created a new term that she is hoping to replace the term cougar. Her coined acronym is WHIP according to Vogue and The UK’s Daily Mail and thousands of other similar online news medias.

“WHIP: Women Who Are Hot Intelligent And In Their Prime”

Sadly, for years, older women in the dating scene have been called a wide variety of terms. Lynch, like many other women throughout the world, find the terms Cougar, MILF, GILF, Puma, Panther, Snow Leopard, or more than 600 synonyms to be vulgar, creepy, degrading, or otherwise unappealing.

One might notice that “prey” tends to come to mind with each of the above terms. Thus making older women sound very predatory in nature as if they attack or pounce on what some consider unaware or helpless younger men.

In all actuality, these younger men enter into the dating scene and relationships openly and fully knowing the situation. The average “couple” find these arrangements to be highly beneficial to all parties involved.

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