Older Women Looking For Younger Men New York

The world wide term, cougar, often refers to older women who prefer or only date younger men and New York can be a gravy train of a location for these cougars seeking out her cub or cubs. The Big Apple is a mecca of great dating hot spots not only for those that reside there but for the thousands that visit there each and every year. Older Women Looking For Younger Men New York

Places A Cougar Can Meet A Cub, Or Younger Men In New York

The following are some well known hot spots, to simply highlight a few of the hundreds locations available, in which the cougar often is known to prowl about in search for a cub, or for cubs to gather looking for a cougar to call their very own.

  • Manhattan Coffee Shops
  • Soho Hotspots
  • The Local Club Scene
  • Live Broadway Shows
  • Manhattan Fashion District
  • Greenwich Village
  • The Opera
  • Madame X
  • The Hillstone
  • Penthouse 808
  • Bemelmans Bar
  • The Plunge
  • Bryant Park Grill
  • And many other great singles locations

Tourist Locations That Have A Great Draw

Another popular destination for older women, also known as cougars, to seek out younger men on must not forget all of the great one of a kind tourist locations the great city of New York has to offer such as those that follow. Most important don’t forget to stop in and visit all five boroughs for the ultimate adventure.

  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Central Park
  • Empire State Building
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Times Square
  • Chinatown
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Smithsonian Museum
  • Trump Tower
  • And many other great historical locations

Younger Men Dating Older Women Tips

Often younger men have a tough time coming up with the perfect date ideas to intrigue their cougar and make them smile, be happy, and have a great time. One key for younger men to remember is that cougars are often very busy and their time is of the utmost value and importance.

Keep the basis of conversation focused on the cougar. Local New York cougars love to talk about themselves and highlight their many accomplishments. Older women dating younger men are more often than not seeking a means in which to relax, have some fun, and forget about the day to day grind of their daily lives.

Younger men should always take great care in their attire and appearances. The cougar, older women, love to be seen with highly attractive eye candy when out and about. The key, however, is to not appear uncomfortable when doing so.

A well planned outing is a successful outing. Take time to consider the smallest of details. For example, a cougar would much rather be out on a carriage ride through Central Park than a quick stop at a local pizzaria.

New York, New York

Cougars can be found in great numbers within the New York area for good reason as the city has an almost constant and consistent hustle and bustle. Thus no matter if one is a cougar seeking a cub or a cub seeking a cougar, New York is the place to be for fun and excitement.


Lesbian Cougar Dating: Finding or Keeping Your Cub or Kitten

The Lesbian Cougar: Dating Tips Lesbian Cougar Dating

Our key tips today come in the realm of meeting. This will include a few different manners of lesbian dating. A couple of questions that I have been seeing in more and more lesbian chats or following a dating tips selection have been included to follow. Are these questions the only of importance, by no means. They are simply the questions that have not been given proper attention or answers.

  1. What is a lesbian cub, a lesbian cougar, or a mature lesbian cougar?
  2. Where do you go to find a lesbian cougar?
  3. How does a mature cougar find herself a cub?
  4. As a cub how do you attract a lesbian cougar or mature cougar of your own?

These questions hardly ever received an answer and thus got me to thinking and wondering the answers myself, so I went on the mission to discover them.

The Lesbian Cub

The lesbian cub often referred to as the lesbian kitten is simply a lesbian having an age younger than her mate.

The Lesbian Cougar

The lesbian cougar is simply a lesbian that is older than her mate.

The Lesbian Mature Cougar

The lesbian mature cougar is typically the professional or retired lesbian that is older than her mate by more than five years.

The Cougar -VS- The Mature Cougar

The lesbian cougar -vs- the lesbian mature cougar are the lesbians that are older than the mate in which they prefer or seek. The difference between them can vary greatly by the person or people that are speaking or seeking. The only true requirement is that they are the older of the parties joining together, however, the cougar can often be the same age as their mates as well.

Finding a Lesbian Cougar

To find a lesbian cougar one should look in their favorite locations for finding the typical lesbian. Facebook, Craigslist, Dating Sites, Meetup, the Lesbian Clubs, it makes no real difference beyond your comfort levels at being or searching there.

Finding a Lesbian Cub

To find a lesbian cub one would do so by following the same advice as above, finding a lesbian cougar. Think within or outside the box in either situation.

Mature Cougar Attracting Her Cub

This should be a no brainer for a mature cougar in all actuality, is the reason you are referred to as the mature. It is generally a given that you are expected to have a bit more experience than your cub counterpart. Not necessarily sexually as much as so as emotionally and in regards to putting yourself out into the search fields and dating pool.

Cub Attracting Her Cougar

As a cub that is trying to go about attracting a lesbian cougar the best way in which to make yourself known is by putting yourself out there. Make it known that you are seeking a lesbian older and more mature than you yourself currently. Have some playful fun in regards to how you dress, the outfits you select, and the way in which you act. For example, nothing says cub or kitten more than pig tails and the classic little school girl outfit. Carrying a stuffed animal is another way in which you can put a twist on sexy kitten seeking mature.

If you want to bisexual relationship, you can visit bisexual websites.


The NSA Relationship and Cougar Dating


First Things First: What is an NSA

Many may not have first hand knowledge as to just what is NSA and without this information this little piece holds no merit or basis as many will not know what we are speaking about. So the only logical way in which to begin is with first things first.

NSA : The Meaning Defined

NSA is the shortened or abbreviated meaning for No Strings Attached. No strings attached is defined by those at Quora as “…to mean the opposite of quid pro quo.  Essentially an offer is being made without any expectations other than the stated deal.” In regards to dating it is almost the same but a little different. The difference is that the offer being made is one of no commitment.

FWB Dating Between a Cub and Cougar

Often the NSA dating style is referred to as a FWB or friends with benefits dating. A more vulgar wording of this is often stated by saying that the two are Fu¢k Buddies. A clearer definition for either as found in the urban dictionary is “all the benefits of being in a relationship minus the bullshit like not doing enough for Valentine’s Day or her birthday, not spending 3 months salary on a stupid ring, and not spending enough quality time with her.”

The Fu¢k Buddy Code

Simply put this code is a set of rules in which both parties have mutually agreed to a non-committed relationship of a sexual nature. Typically the following five rules are those that are the most dominantly found and followed.

  1. There is to be no emotional attachment
  2. Hook ups are not on a set basis
  3. Mutual satisfaction best but not a guarantee
  4. Do not neglect one another
  5. Discretion is the number one and often only rule

NSA in Regards to Cougar Dating

In recent times NSA relationships have been becoming more and more popular in the general dating community whereas often times the cougar relationships have been utilizing the NSA rules not knowing that they were NSA.

Navigating the First NSA

By far the hardest aspect of the NSA relationship is beginning one. It is imperative that for the NSA relationship to be successful one must ensure that both parties are aware that this is to be a NSA or FWB style relationship. If this discussion does not take place there is going to be hurt feelings and or bruised egos felt by cubs, cougars, or both.

Only Agree if You Really Agree

Do not enter into a FWB or NSA type of relationship unless you truly agree in that relationship parameter. Do not enter it in the hopes that you can change the other person’s mind or feelings as it will only lead to you becoming hurt in the long run.

A Sex Buddy Relationship Has No Stepping Stones

Cubs and cougars alike must remember and realize that a sex buddy style of relationship has no stepping stones to it. It is not a dating style that will one day just become a serious relationship. To hope for stepping stones is only setting ones self up for heartache and disappointment. Not only that but it is also a very unfair position in which to put your partner and a good way to make a lot of good memories turn sour.



Cougar Hang Out Reviews

Cougar hang out reviews

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There is no doubt cougars cherish younger men due to the excitement they take to the bedroom. Experience is vital when it comes to hanging out with older women. And take the pride to give its users the very best experience.

Driven by the desire to match hot cougar women and cubs, this website offers a safe platform for members to meet matches who’ll make their dreams come true. If you’re looking for casual dating, this is not your site as they don’t accommodate any vulgar.


Registration for basic membership is 100% free of charge. However, this package is limited to viewing profiles, sending flirts, and customizing the profile. To gain full access to the site features, then you have to upgrade to premium membership at some cost. However, this is offered after completing your profile.


  • Basic browsing
  • Messaging and online chat
  • Send flirts
  • Making content of your profile private
  • Block and privatize users
  • Mobile app


Online dating safety tips

The site has an active blog with expert’s advice on how to go about the whole dating experience especially for beginners. They also advise its users on how to spot scammers and keep safe online.

Legit and trustworthy is a no go for casual daters. They don’t entertain misconduct from its guys and women. They value professionalism so they ensure you have a safe and trustable environment that will make your dreams come true.

High chances of successful dates

This site doesn’t have as many users as major cougar dating sites, but it still guarantee you a high opportunity to meeting that special someone.  The site is never empty of members, at any time there’re many cougars and cubs online. Unlike other cougar dating sites, a majority of its members are active 24/7.

Mobile friendly

It has a mobile app for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) that allow you to keep hunting while on the go no matter where you are. More so, this mobile version gives you easy access to your cougar hangout members.

Safe and confidential

Privacy is kept on top gears at with your emails been private only to you. Your personal data will never be shared with other websites. If you come across any unwanted email notifications, you can filter it out immediately. Your photo galleries are held with privacy, and members will only see the ones that you’ll set as public.

An intuitive design

It has a simple and easy to use website which is very intuitive. All features are well located to give you a smooth and fast navigation.

24/7 customer support

In case you have issues while on the site, you can easily reach out to their customer care for online help anytime whether at night or during the day.


Small membership base

The site is new and doesn’t have a huge membership like a majority of cougar dating sites. And because of this unbalanced demand, meeting the right cougar for you may take you a while.

The first impression is dull

When you log in, nearly everything from features, categories to design look similar to what you’ll see on other dating sites that major on cougar dating. Nothing looks unique.


If you’re a beginner in dating cougars or cubs, is a good site to try your luck. Although it’s a brand new dating site for cougars and cubs, it’s doing a great job in attracting new members. The good thing about this site is that it is fully functional, fast and easy to use and a majority of its members are active around the clock.